Kuo-Kai Shyu

National Central University Department of Electrical Engineering Kuo-Kai Shyu Professor

Highest Education

Ph.D., Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

Research Areas

Nonlinear Dynamic System MeasurementControl, Variable Structure Control, Medical ImagingSignal Processing

Personal Website

Affiliated Laboratory

Application Field
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Clinical Application
  • Healthcare Application
  • Educational Application
Transferable Technology
  • The development of a novel wearable medical-level EEG recorder
  • The real-time emotion identified of AI-based EEG analysis
  • The control of umanned aerial vehicle via EEG signals
  • The real-time identification of learning cognivie loadlearning attention
Technology in Development
  • The prediction of post-stroke epilepsy
  • A novel development of brain computer interface-the hybrid of EEG recorderinertial measurement unit.
  • The prediction technology of EEG motor imagery
  • The AI-based predictionidentification of rehabilitation exercise
  • The development of the AI-based analysis technology on the non-invasive blood glucose measurement
  • The development of the AI-based analysis technology on the cuffless blood pressure
New Technology Proposal
  • Tailored transcranial brain stimulation strategies based on precision medicine for stroke rehabilitation
  • The fMRI feature analysis of depression
  • The AI-based prosthetic-orthotic system
  • The home-care system of the AI-based prosthetic-orthotic system
  • The learning emotion-care system
  • The learning cognitive load of the AI-based feedback technology