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    • NCTU Sperm Sorter

      NCTU Sperm Sorter

      Infertility is a serious globe issue, especially in the developed countries, over 20infertile male has sperm problems, that include instance immotile, abnormal morphologylow sperm quantity. Therefore, how to isolate high quality sperm for clinical use is extremely required. Up to date, activity sperm sorting is usually using Swiming-upDensity gradient centrifugation approaches. Unfortunately, both methods are detrimental to the sperm viabilityelicits production of reactive oxygen species. Separation sperm by microfluidics has been put emphasis onstudied however, it faced some challenge such as low throughputan unacceptable recover rate.
    • Rollablesoft photonic meta-device

      Rollablesoft photonic meta-device

      With the development of photonics, there has been a push towards optoelectronic devices that are flexible, rollable, wearable, user-friendly,robust to improve human-machine interfaces. To be integrated onto human body, these devices must be biocompatiblebe able to withstand mechanical deformationdifferent bending curvatures. Figure 1 shows the rollablesoft photonic meta-device.
    • Highly Efficient Technique for Quantum State Tomography

      Highly Efficient Technique for Quantum State Tomography

      By implementing machine learning architecture with a convolutional neural network, we illustrate a fast, robust, and precise quantum state tomography for continuous variables, through the experimentally measured data generated from the balanced homodyne detectors. Compared with the time consuming MLE method, demonstrations on the reconstruction of Wigner function and the corresponding density matrix are illustrated for squeezed vacuum states in less than one second, keeping the fidelity up to 0.99 even taking 20 dB anti-squeezing level into consideration. Our neural network enhanced quantum state tomography provides the metrics to give physical descriptions of every feature observed in the quantum state and paves a way of exploring large-scale quantum systems.
    • Ultrahigh Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries based on Sustainable Electrodes

      Ultrahigh Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries based on Sustainable Electrodes

      A small organic molecule with multiple redox-active sites shows promise in the development of next-generation electric energy storage systems, especially for electric cars, green energy, and large-scale energy storage, when used as an active materials in a cathode in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Herein, an organic LIB with cathode material based on hexaazatriphenylene embedded quinone exhibits high capacity, high rate capability, and high cycling stability, which are far superior to that of commercial LIBs.
    • Electronic Circuit Breaker

      Electronic Circuit Breaker

      1. The modular design of a electric breaker is proposed. A prototype of a solid-state circuit with an input voltage of 500 V and adjustable rated current including 50 A, 100 A, 150 A and 200 A. 2. Achieved zero-current cutoff within 110 µs using the characteristics of IGBTs to detect the current value. 3. A12 bits analog/digital converter is used to achieve a higher accuracy current detection effect when compared with the conventional analog circuit. It can also detect the fault current rising rate and correspond to different protection delay times according to the different fault current rising rate, so that the components in the solid-state breaker can withstand a lower fault current.
    • Population Health Research

      Population Health Research

      1.Real-time monitoring of air quality in indooroutdoor environments: Sensors based on laser light scatteringelectrochemistry are used for monitoring PM2.5other air pollutants in indooroutdoor environments. The collected data from the sensors are transferred to the data center at NTU PHRC by 4G LTE. The residents can obtain the real-time air quality information through the website.2. Precision Prevention Application: an APP of CVD Risk Prediction:We developed an application for predicting CVD risk based on a Bayesian predicting model with personalized factors. With the precision risk of CVD, the health care workers can provide personalized suggestion for patients.
    • EditCell Virology Platform

      EditCell Virology Platform

      1. Identification of host factor, which is required for virus replication, by “EditCell Virology Platform”.2. The host factor will be as a target to develop antivirals.3. The antiviral effects of the candidates can be validated in vitroin vivo.4. Two FDA-approved drugs are repurposed for COVID-19 treatment.
    • 5G C-V2I Enabled Intelligent Real-time Trajectory PredictionWarning System

      5G C-V2I Enabled Intelligent Real-time Trajectory PredictionWarning System

      This study proposes a 5G C-V2I (Cellular Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) enabled intelligent trajectory predictionwarning system, which can be implemented in a framework including RSUs (Road Side Units) with radar detection ability5G edge computing servers. This study exploits artificial intelligence to predict instant trajectories of vehicles at crossroads. The resulting augmented-awareness navigation information is then broadcasted to road users through 5G C-V2I with low latency. In practical applications, road users can obtain real-time dynamics of surrounding vehicles so that their level of safety can be effectively enhanced.
    • P-SERS: RapidSensitive On-site Detection Platform

      P-SERS: RapidSensitive On-site Detection Platform

      Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is a useful analytical technique for detecting extremely small amounts of molecules. Herein, we designed a paper-based quasi-three-dimensional SERS substrate (P-SERS) that can provide potential to improve Raman analyses for food safety, pesticide poisoning, precision medicine, drug abuseDNA/RNA testing. The sensitive, low-cost, flexibledisposable SERS substrate could be easily fabricated by physical deposition of gold nanoparticles array onto a filter paper. In this case, we are able to create non-continuous Au islands on the fiber surfaces, where the gaps between AuNPs can dramatically generate the high electric field to enhance Raman signal of target molecules.
    • A smart monitoring system for shrimp growth

      A smart monitoring system for shrimp growth

      This technology uses a customized high-resolution saltwater proof video camera that operates underwater for months on end without maintenance. The captured images are pre-processed to adjust the brightnessmaximize the sharpness, after which the images are input into a region-based convolutional neural networks (R-CNN) for trainingidentification. This technology is currently able to reliable identify shrimp in these imagesto distinguish between the shrimp’s headtail in order to conclude whether the image shows a complete shrimp.