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    • Thermoplastic Casting Tape

      Thermoplastic Casting Tape

      The invention relates to a thermoplastic thin 2D mesh fabric composite structure, which particularly can be used as a medical protectorin connection with sporting activities with impact resistance, light weighthigh air permeability,has a reshapeable orthopedic support,fixed support bandages for limbs/joints. The thermoplastic thin 2D mesh fabric composite structure mainly includes a breathable mesh fabrica high molecular polymer coated on the breathable mesh fabric that can be reshapedreused when exposed to heat.
    • New insight into the brain: Optical imaging/stimulationspiking neural circuit models

      New insight into the brain: Optical imaging/stimulationspiking neural circuit models

      Constructing a functional connectomeits computational model is a crucial step toward understanding the mechanisms of brain functions. To achieve this goal, we developed two correlated technologies: (1) An all-optical physiology (AOP) that is capable of millisecond volumetric imagingaccurate stimulation in living animal brains. This system allows us to establish functional connectomeneural coding with a single-cell resolution. (2) A cellular-level spiking neural circuit simulation system that is capable of tuning itself based on the input data from the AOP system. We have demonstrated our technologies in the Drosophila late visual systemwill apply them in the brains of larger species such as mice. Our technologies will greatly enhance knowledge of brain operation.
    • Highly Efficient Quantum Key Distribution System

      Highly Efficient Quantum Key Distribution System

      div style="text-align: justify"Quantum key distribution exploits the transmissiondetection of single photons’ quantum states to generatedistribute secure keys, allowing absolutely secure communication. We use a self-developed miniature single-photon source, together with the single-photon wavepacket engineering, to implement a highly efficient protocol of differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution. Using the Campus Fiber Network between National Tsing Hua UniversityNational Chiao Tung University, we demonstrate Taiwan’s first outdoor quantum key distribution. The technology not only benefits the development of distance unlimited absolutely secure communication networks for the commercialmilitary uses, but also opens up new opportunities for the R&Dmarkets in industry./div
    • A green production of waste carbon to graphite(graphene) nanopowders

      A green production of waste carbon to graphite(graphene) nanopowders

      The invention belongs to the field of low-temperature electrochemical graphitization and is improved by the FFC-Cambridge Process. In comparison to the traditional process, the invention can be at a low temperature of 850oC and shorter process time. This strategy can convert carbon blacks into high-value graphite (graphene). The method is simple, low temperature, without adding catalyzer, and low-cost. The products have a wide range of applications such as energy storage, catalysis, absorption, separation, processing metal cutter, precision die, aeronautics, and astronautics.
    • Mind Control

      Mind Control

      ALTOMS (Altomated Laser Tracking and Optogenetic Manipulation System) is a real-time computer vision object recognition and laser tracker. It uses a missile-like image recognition and tracking technology, and uses several lasers to accurately hit the tracked object. The laser itself does not have the function of controlling nerves, but when we express light-sensitive proteins on specific nerve cells, we can stimulate or inhibit nerves through lasers of specific wavelengths, which will affect the behavioral outcome.
    • Mitochondrial Analytic Platform and Nucleotide Applications

      Mitochondrial Analytic Platform and Nucleotide Applications

      Summary Description: 1. Stress alters mitochondrial import of proteins. To monitor changes in mitochondrial import at single-mitochondrial resolution, split GFP epitopes are fused to the target proteins and mitochondrial membranes or expressed in the mitochondrial matrix. 2. General genotoxic agents damage both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. By expressing mitochondrial DNA binding protein TFAM fused with KillerRed, specific mitochondrial DNA damages by light exposure are induced for investigating mitochondrial DNA damage signal. 3. Quantification of four dNTP pools is important for understanding drug action. The popularity of the analysis has been limited by the requirement of radio-isotope or sophisticated instrumentation. The method of click reaction we designed for measuring dNTPs overcomes the drawbacks of conventional methods. 4. The outbreak of drug-resistant Candida infection in hospital is of concern. We found the distinct biochemical property of Candida TMPK in high affinity to uridylate as the substrate, leading to the discovery of 5FUd (<5 nM) in suppressing Candida growth.