• Semiconductor & Manufacturing

    Darsen Lu《New Era for AI Chips》

    With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligenceIoT, many solutions have been successfully implemented. However, for very large biomedical image computations, such as MRI’s, the deep learning/ training will be a lot more time consuming.
    AI Center National Cheng Kung University Neural Circuit Verification AI Chip Semiconductor Development
  • Medicine & Healthcare

    Research team lead by Prof. Jinn-Moon Yang Discovers Potential Medicine Over 10 Times Stronger than Remdesivir

    In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Prof. Jinn-Moon Yang, the director of the Department of Biological Science & Technology at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU),also leading an AI project as a principal investigator within MOST Joint Research Center for AI TechnologyAll Vista Healthcare (AINTU), created an intercollegiateinterdisciplinary smart dynamic system-based biologicalmedicine development team.
    COVID-19 3C-like Protease New Use of Old Medicine
  • Environment

    Intelligent Agricultural Cultivation Support System Integrating UAV Surveillance

    This research project aims to establish an intelligent agricultural cultivation support system, by integrating unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillanceartificial intelligent (AI) analytical techniques.
    Smart Agriculture Monitoring Agricultural Disaster Assessment Land Use Monitoring
  • Smart City

    5G C-V2I Enabled Intelligent Real-time Trajectory PredictionWarning System

    This study proposes a 5G C-V2I (Cellular Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) enabled intelligent trajectory predictionwarning system, which can be implemented in a framework including RSUs (Road Side Units) with radar detection ability5G edge computing servers. This study exploits artificial intelligence to predict instant trajectories of vehicles at crossroads. The resulting augmented-awareness navigation information is then broadcasted to road users through 5G C-V2I with low latency. In practical applications, road users can obtain real-time dynamics of surrounding vehicles so that their level of safety can be effectively enhanced.
    Automatic Driving Artificial Intelligence 5G ST-LSTM
  • Service

    Studies of Applications with Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) Technologies

    Recently, Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) has been applied to many AI applications. One of the successful achievements is the AlphaZero, called the Zero method in this project, was presented to learn without human knowledgesurprisingly surpass all the human playersall the AI programs.
    Deep Reinforcement Learning Computer Game Video Game Racing Car Game Random Workpiece Clamping
  • Other

    Chung-Cheng Chang《AI Technology: Fishery Super Upgrade》

    Taiwan was formerly the Shrimp Capital of the World. With the changing of the timesincreasingly updated technology, AI smart farming is the new milestone for Taiwan’s agriculturefisheries.
    AI Center Intelligent Breeding Management System Cageaquaculture AIsystem
  • Beyond AI

    EditCell Virology Platform

    1. Identification of host factor, which is required for virus replication, by “EditCell Virology Platform”.2. The host factor will be as a target to develop antivirals.3. The antiviral effects of the candidates can be validated in vitroin vivo.4. Two FDA-approved drugs are repurposed for COVID-19 treatment.