Webinar 2022 Seminar on Ethics and Law of AI: Information, Healthcare, and Smart City Governance
The technology and the function of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have entered various fields of society. In addition to research and development, the ethical and legal issues of AI have received much attention worldwide. This seminar is honored to invite Prof. Frank Pasquale of the Brooklyn Law School to conduct on-line lectures on AI policies, ethical and legal issues on July 26th and 28th virtually. Prof. Pasquale is an expert on AI law. His books, The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information and New Laws of Robotics: Defending Human Expertise in the Age of AI are landmark works in the field of technology law, where he is one of the most-cited legal scholars globally. He will exchange opinions with AI and legal scholars in Taiwan. We cordially welcome those who are interested in AI ethics and legal issues in different fields to participate in this seminar.
  • International networking of national AI experts and strategy advisors between Taiwan and the United States
  • Improve understanding among AI research teams, the industry and government on ethical and legal issues concerning AI development and applications
We cordially invite all AI development teams and law makers, interested industry, academia and government to join us.
  • Date: July 26th & 28th, 2022
  • Time: 07:00~10:00 am (CST)/ 09:00am~12:00pm (AEDT)
  • Format: On-line speeches and panel discussion
  • Deadline: July 27th, 2022, 12:00pm
    (In the sign-up link, click on the picture of each speaker for their biography; click on each session item for the abstract of the speech.)