Webinar 2022 National Action Plan: Seminar on Government Open Data
In line with the international trend of open government, Taiwan will complete and implement the " National Action Plan " with public-private cooperation starting in 2021. The National Science and Technology Council sponsored "Establishing an Open Data Collection Platform to Provide Value-Added Applications", organized by National Center for High-Performance Computing has established a data set platform to facilitate data application demanders to obtain and analyze multiple data more conveniently. At present, government open data has collected more than 32,000 data sets from public and private sectors.
This year's Seminar on government open data invites academia, research, industry and government units to share the results of environmental monitoring and life applications, such as spatial information, water resources, earthquakes, agriculture, medical care, hoping to inspire more and wider improve people's livelihood and industrial applications, and expand data synergy.
We cordially invite advanced participants to discuss the application of open data together and give back your valuable opinions.
  • Date: August 11th, 2022
  • Time: 09:40~12:20 am
  • Format: Physical meeting & On-line speeches