Use AI to achieve smart sustainable water management
Tech Trends Use AI to achieve smart sustainable water management
In 2015, the United Nations "World Water Development Annual Report"pointed out that if there is no improvement in the future, the global water resource will be short of 40% by 2030.The shortage of water resource will cause water conflicts in different fields of people's livelihood, agriculture and industry.Such warning signs are now confirmed in Taiwan.Facing the difficult challenge of the "Hundred Years Drought", besides relying on rainfall, using digital technology, especially AI applications, to achieve effective water saving, high-efficiency water resources management and optimization of water allocation will be an alternative.This is one of the conclusions produced by the participants in the innovative technology application topic co-creation workshop held by this project.

For example, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched a three-year plan in 2019, to research and implement the possible sustainable water management solutions with 90 partners.By collecting big data on global water usage and forecasting water availability and drought by AI, German government called for changing the global foreseeable water dilemma.The key is that the public and private sectors should use digital technology on a long-term basis.

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