Article Benchmarking the UKData Ethics Framework to understand how to establishimplement the ethical norm for AI

The UK Data Ethics Framework” provides principles and guidelines for the appropriate use of data for the public sector in the UK. The contents include (1) overarching principles: transparency, accountability, fairness statements and self-rating of templates. (2) Specific actions, including descriptions and self-ratings of (a) Defining and understanding public benefit and user need, (b) involving diverse expertise (c) complying with the law (d) reviewing the quality and limitations of the data (e) Evaluating and considering wider policy implications (3)Next Steps. Other related contents include:(1) “Data Ethics Framework: glossary and methodology” outlines the Glossary and Methodology in the Framework (2)”Data Ethics Framework: legislation and codes of practice for use of data” points out the legislation and codes of practice that apply to your use of data (3) “Data Ethics Framework: editable template: Editable Template" assists teams working with data to document their responses to the framework questions.