Exhibition 【InnoVEX Forum 2021 x Qualcomm】Making AI Ubiquitous


In a world driven by 5G, AI has become the core technology in innovative R&D. Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge’s outstanding teams, Data Yoo, RelaJet and Smart Tag, will share how they apply AI in agricultural risk management, improving the lives of the hearing impaired and driving smart manufacturing, demonstrating diversified innovation competitiveness!

Guest Speakers:
Kyle Chen, Director, Startup Media & Community, Business Next Media Corp.
Yvie Tai, Staff Manager, Business Development at Qualcomm & Program Manager of QITC Qualcomm
Jack Chen, COO, RelaJet Tech (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
Kim Chang, CEO & Founder, Smart Tag Inc.
Shaw Wu, CEO, DATAYOO Application Co., LTD.