Chung-Cheng Chang《AI Technology: Fishery Super Upgrade》
Summary Taiwan was formerly the Shrimp Capital of the World. With the changing of the timesincreasingly updated technology, AI smart farming is the new milestone for Taiwan’s
agriculturefisheries. Facing challenges such as environmental pollution,disease,climate change, the hope is that with technology, a new path for the sustainable development of aquaculture fisheries in Taiwan will be forged. Prof. Chung-Cheng Chang of NTOU brought together a team comprising of experts in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, aquacultureIoT automation to form a team focused on building an Intelligent Breeding Management System. The team integrated various sensors, cameras, smart feeding systems, smart water vehicle (ROV), cloud, underwater technologyso forth to construct a global IoT system which was then applied to fish farming. Through AI learninganalysis, the optimal environmental conditions for fish growth is determined. These conditions are adjustable at any time to improve the effectiveness of the management system. Implementing this system reduces breeding costs as well as unnecessary loss of energy. The monitoring system also allows for real time, remote access (via cellular phone, tabletcomputer) which greatly reduces manpower costs. Overall, the profitability rises as other costs are reduced. The goal is to transform Taiwan’s Fishery Industryeventually spread to other parts of Asiathe world.
Keyword AI Center Intelligent Breeding Management System Cageaquaculture AIsystem
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