Yu-Te Wu 《Precision Medicine for Ear Tumors with AI Assistance》
Summary If you experience symptoms such as difficulty hearing, frequent headaches, loss of balance, deteriorating hearing, etc., it might be wise to check if you have acoustic neuroma. Because symptoms are similar to other common ear issues, it isn&rsquo;t always detected. Vestibular schwannoma is a benign tumor with a slow growth rate, however as it grows and affects surrounding nerves it may have side effects that could possibly be fatal if not addressed.<br />
Currently, clinical numbers indicate that gamma knife surgeries are generally quite successful, however out of all the long term post-surgery tracking, some patients will be required to have more surgeries and other patients experience hearing loss.<br />
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Prof. Yu-Te Wu&rsquo;s Research Team is conducting a multi-year study using AI to automatically detect tumors; additionally, a prediction model will be created in order to assist with the treatment and clinical decision making. The goal is for the models to improve the development of precision medicine as well as surgery time frame.<br />
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