Yung-Nien Sun《Speedy AI microscopic testing to diagnose Tuberculosis》
Summary Did you know that Tuberculosis is still a highly infectious disease affecting Taiwan and is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide? TB is an airborne illness that can be contracted by breathing in germs. Early TB detection greatly reduces the risk of spreading the illness.<br />
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Typically, if you are experiencing a cough lasting over two weeks along with phlegm, weight reduction, and poor appetite you should get tested as soon as possible. A chest x-ray along with phlegm sampling will indicate if you have contracted the disease. Manual detection of the slides is time consuming and lacks efficiency. It typically takes 1-2 months&rsquo; time to properly diagnose. By then there would have been many opportunities to spread the illness to others. It is important to limit the spreading as much as possible. Bringing AI into the equation would improve efficiency and allow the medical technicians to tend to other important matters. The automatic detection system requires the technician to place the slide under the microscope. The system then automatically focuses, detects, interprets results and classifies the slide; within 5 minutes the testing is completed. Fast and accurate results allow physicians to promptly diagnose the illness. In terms of detection, prevention and efficiency, the AI Automated method is the way to go.<br />
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Disease prevention is an ongoing effort. Our goal is for Taiwan to become a successful model of this system of promoting public health epidemic prevention, which could then be replicated around the world.<br />
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