Pau-Choo Chung《A Fast, Accurate Helper for Liver Pathologists》
Summary <div style="text-align: justify;">The liver is a silent organ, yet it affects the health of many. In Taiwan, there are over 10,000 deaths annually due to chronic liver<br />
disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer. Liver cancer is currently the second leading cancer in Taiwan. Tissue image analysis is a required step for liver illness diagnosis and treatment. Presently, the images still heavily rely on physician&rsquo;s experience and expertise to evaluate the images. The process is somewhat complicated as well as time consuming and difficult to fully evaluate the thousands upon thousands of microscopic cells. With the advancing of AI technology, there are now ways to automatically, and accurately predict illness. Prof. Chung&rsquo;s research team has been working on a liver pathology analysis platform. Once a liver image has been obtained, it can be uploaded to the platform to be automatically tested. Current functions include the following: lymphocyte detection, liver fiber segmentation, hepatitis classification, tumor identification, stage determination, and liver cancer magnitude. With the use of a tablet device, physicians can get swift, accurate answers regarding the patients&rsquo; status. There is also a database so you can make comparisons with other images. This method allows for earlier detection and earlier treatment, which greatly increases the chances of healing.</div>
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