Min Wei Huang《AI Evaluation System for early detection of Dementia》
Summary <div style="text-align: justify;">As we age, our memory also gradually begin deteriorating. At what point should one seek out a consultation with a doctor? Statistics estimate that worldwide, every 3 seconds someone experiences dementia. In Taiwan, for persons above age 65, one in twelve people has dementia; above age 80 that number rises to one in five. Dementia isn’t one singular ailment, rather it’s a combination of many symptoms. In addition to loss/deterioration of memory, language, cognitive functions such as adding, hypothetical reasoning, concentration all become affected. In addition, one’s personality may change, they may experience hallucinations and other symptoms that affect interpersonal relationships as well as ability to work. Since Taiwan is gradually moving into a Super Aged Society, illnesses such as dementia are garnering more attention. Dr. Min-Wei Huang’s Research Team is working on developing an AI assisted assessment and intervention system. The goal for this system is earlier detection and treatment as well as personalized care and treatment for demented patients. The training would also be beneficial for care givers as well. Dr. Huang's team has received prestigious awards and hope to use this system to help all persons in need.
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