Tsung-Ren Huang《An Interactive AI System ~ the humorous AI Chatbot》
Summary <div style="text-align: justify;">We often hear the saying that laughter is the best medicine. The insertion of humor into situations can reduce stress, help with<br />
nerves, and even de-escalate tense situations. Have you ever imagined a time when robots would be able to be humorous and<br />
use words to make you laugh? Humor is a complicated mood that can involve any of the following: verbal words, situational context, non-verbal expressions, physical actions or even just the sound of laughter. Understanding humor requires a bit of foundation/life experience.Whether something is or isn&#39;t funny is very subjective. AI has always been more about numbers and data; machine learning is from a large database and it is unable to create things on its own from outside of this database. With this in mind, how can one go about using AI to distinguish ones&rsquo; mood as well as deliver humorous responses in real time? National Taiwan University Professor Tsung-Ren Huang&rsquo;s Research Team is comprised of members in the fields of psychology, physics and artificial intelligence. By primarily studying fMRI &amp; MEG brain images (big and thick behavioral and neuroimaging data), they have created a robot able to be humorous during real-time interactions with the aim of relieving stress, depression, anxiety, and improving the overall mentalhealth of the population.</div>
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