Ja-Der Liang《Effective AI System Tracking///Liver Cancer Relapse Predictors》
Summary <div style="text-align: justify;">A famous commercial ad stated: &ldquo;If the liver is unwell, life becomes black and white.&rdquo; Those who have seen this are reminded to take good care of the liver, however liver disease is still quite prevalent in Taiwan. 13,000 deaths each year are due to some form of liver disease. Liver cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in Taiwan and chronic liver disease &amp; cirrhosis are the 9th leading cause of death. Hepatitis B &amp; C are the main sources of these illnesses. With the advancing of medical technology, the earlier the detection the more likelihood of surviving. However,recurrence rate is still quite high (&gt;50%), so periodic postoperative checks are still vital.At this time there is no national system indicating whether or not patients are returning for routine check-ups. It would be very beneficial for patients if the hospitals could come up with some sort of system analysis to identify the higher risk patients. To manually do this would be a wasteful because of time consumption.Nat&rsquo;l Taiwan University&rsquo;s Dr. Jia-Der Liang&rsquo;s research team, using various AI algorithms, have created a system to test this and predict recurrence. This system can be very beneficial for both the doctors and patients. With the successful development of the system, artificial intelligence-assisted diagnostic analysis and prediction can not only reduce the loss of human resources when medical personnel organize data, but also serve as a more accurate reference for physicians to make judgments. Towards new milestones. This research and development result is expected to be integrated in the future and applied to the clinical decision system of National Taiwan University Hospital.</div>
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