High-Entropy Non-Sparking, Anti-Bacteria,High-Endurance Alloy Technology
Summary High entropy materials were proposeddeveloped by Professor Jien-Wei Yeh in 1995. He named, defined,elucidated“High-Entropy Alloys,” as well as established High-Entropy Materials Center to develop critical materials for smart machine, green technology, biomedical technology,national defense. Alloys with high strength, corrosion resistance,anti-bacterial capability are also developed for manufacturing knives, door handles, handrails, etc. to prevent infection during the post-epidemic era.
Scientific Breakthrough:
1. Non-sparking toolsstainless anti-bacteria copper knifeNon-sparkingberyllium-free high-strength medium-entropy alloy has been developed to substitute Cu-Be alloy for non-sparkling tools in consideration of the high costtoxicity of beryllium. It can be also used in making knivescutting boards having anti-bacteria function.
2. Bearing for oil wellHigh-entropy alloy with low costsuperior performance has been developed to replace high cobalt Stellite® 6 alloy for bearings used in submerged pumps in oil well.3. Turbine engineHigh-entropy superalloys have been developed to have superior strength, density, cost, ductility,high-temperature strength over traditional superalloys. They can be used in turbochargerturbine engine.
Industrial Applicability:
1. High-strength high-entropy copper alloy - Non-sparking toolsstainless anti-bacteria copper knifeIt can be used in tool industries producing non-sparking hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers,shovels. It can also be used in commodities industries producing anti-bacteria knives, forks, bowls, scissors for raw foods, straw, etc.
2. Extreme high-entropy alloy - Bearing for oil wellIt can be used in industries including oil well, energy, machine, chemical plant, geothermal power plant, etc.3. High-entropy superalloy - Turbine engineIt can be used for transportation industries producing drone, micro-turbine engine, generator, turbocharger, etc.
Keyword High-entropy alloys nonparking tools Bearing for oil well Turbine engine medium-entropy alloys
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