5G C-V2I Enabled Intelligent Real-time Trajectory PredictionWarning System
Summary This study proposes a 5G C-V2I (Cellular Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) enabled intelligent trajectory predictionwarning system, which can be implemented in a framework including RSUs (Road Side Units) with radar detection ability5G edge computing servers. This study exploits artificial intelligence to predict instant trajectories of vehicles at crossroads. The resulting augmented-awareness navigation information is then broadcasted to road users through 5G C-V2I with low latency. In practical applications, road users can obtain real-time dynamics of surrounding vehicles so that their level of safety can be effectively enhanced.
Scientific Breakthrough:
The proposed trajectory prediction system adopts mmWave radars as the detection devices, which is more reliable in harsh environments than using GPSimage-based systems. This study proposes a light-weight residual ST-LSTM (Spatial-Temporal Long-Short Term Memory) deep learning neural network to greatly enhance the model’s capability of extracting parameters of moving targets. This technique can achieve real-time trajectory prediction by using RSU radars. Through 5G C-V2I, the resulting prediction information is transmitted to road users via URLLC network protocols with a low latency.
Industrial Applicability:
The proposed intelligent trajectory predictionwarning system can provide more time margin for road users to conduct essential decision makingjudgements. Road users can access this safety service through an easy-to-use APP operated on in-vehicle tabletssmart phones. The proposed system meets the specification of 5G C-V2Ican be integrated in existing traffic monitoring platforms for entering the intelligent transportation market. Road users can benefit from the system with augmented-awareness navigationexperience elevated level of safety. The proposed solution has great potential to open up a new 5G service market with a highly promising prospect.
Keyword intelligent trajectory prediction radar 5G ST-LSTM
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