Intelligent Agricultural Cultivation Support System Integrating UAV Surveillance
Summary This research project aims to establish an intelligent agricultural cultivation support system, by integrating unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillanceartificial intelligent (AI) analytical techniques. Three major tasks are proposed including forming a UAV multi-source image database, developing relevant AI image process technologies,establishing a UAV image analysis cloud platform. We have developed various of modelsapplications, such as seedling positioningcounting, leaf colorplant height analysis, yield prediction, grain moisture content assessment, damage assessmentcrop recognition by using Convolutional Neural Networks with edge computing capabilities on rice’s UAV multi-source image data . We also developed a cloud platform of Aerial Agriculture Analysis for tasks, such as image mosaicking, image texture analysis, vegetation index analysis,3D model construction functions.
Keyword Smart Agriculture Monitoring Agricultural Disaster Assessment Land Use Monitoring
Download 結合UAV監測之智慧農業栽培支援系統.pdf 
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