Darsen Lu《New Era for AI Chips》
Summary With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligenceIoT, many solutions have been successfully implemented. However, for very large biomedical image computations, such as MRI’s, the deep learning/ training will be a lot more time consuming. At the moment, GPU’s are considered the baby of the AI world, Google has also developed a TPU to expedite AI procedures. Both GPUTPU make the process swift. Prof. Darsen Lu’s Research Team has built an open simulation platform called (simNemo) to enable design exploration by academicindustry users in Taiwan on both the AI platformAI application fronts.
It essentially overcomes the von-Neumann bottleneck wherein computation is limited by the transfer of data from memory to the CPU. With the use of neuromorphic technology, the goal is for less energy consumption as well as expedited deep learning. This platform will eventually be able to assist both industryacademia in the manufacturing of softwareapp chips to meet their needs.
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