Pandemic and post-pandemic applications of coronavirus variant protein array
Summary Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and ongoing mutants, we developed a coronavirus variant protein microarray that includes all the current spike mutations and the wild-type viral antigens and applied in detecting immune responses and drug specificities. We filed the patients and published our findings in the Analytical Chemistry. Besides massive production of the coronavirus protein microarray, we also collaborated with a scanner company, developed artificial intelligence software, and collaborated with suppliers. We are welcome any sort of collaboration.
The coronavirus protein microarray is originally designed and fabricated by our team in NCKU with the following innovations:
1. Patent-protected protein array design to allow high performance.
2. Special array coating to allow a better signal-to-noise ratio and limit of detection.
3. Ability to massive production. We can produce protein arrays with minimal batch variations.
4. Unique assay procedures. We use a unique blocking buffer that can reduce the assay duration by 10 fold.
5. AI-empowered analysis. We developed an AI tool to directly analyze the raw image and quickly generate the report.
There is no product that has multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants in the market but two similar wild-type products with no evidence of receptor bindings. We plan to vertical integrate the chip coating, protein array fabrication, data analysis, and part of the sales. Also, we plan to outsource some of the protein purification and the laser scanner to some companies in Taiwan. As for the foreign market, we have nonexclusive tech transferred our array to the world's largest protein microarray company for sales in North American. Therefore, we have connected the vertical chains and deployed the world.
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