Stepped Respiratory Care Platform based on Zero-Contact Physiological Monitoring System
Summary Combined with millimeter wave radar detection of chest undulation breathing mode and heart rate, continuous blood oxygen detection, active disease record of chat robot, and mobile phone analysis of 30 second sitting and standing alternate activity frequency mode, a set of personalized respiratory capacity benchmark is established through AI modeling, which can be applied to zero-contact respiratory physiological monitoring and useful for infectious disease ward, epidemic prevention hotels, centralized quarantine centers.

1. Nocturnal blood oxygen detection is importance for the physiological monitoring of infectious respiratory diseases , because the respiratory system will have a reduced ventilation during sleep, and the middle-aged and elderly people are more prone to sleep apnea. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor continuous nocturnal breathing patterns and blood oxygen changes.
2. Multi-dimensional information can be modeled through AI to establish personalized respiratory function benchmark, which will be more sensitive to provide early medical intervention

1. Long-term continuous monitoring of respiratory physiological signals with zero-contact devices.
2. Millimeter wave radar can also detect the daily physical activity patterns, which can be used as an assessment of the overall activity level. This is an important message of deterioration or improvement of the disease.
3 . The cost of the system is low (millimeter wave radar + continuous blood oxygen recording + mobile phone chatting robot), and it can detect night blood oxygen to find potential sleep-disordered patients
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