MeDA Omni X-Ray (OXR): Real-time Hazard Identification System
Summary “MeDA OXR: Real-time Hazard Recognition System,” which can automatically screen and interpret the medical images in real-time, is designed for emergency rooms to assist physicians in diagnosis, reducing medical risks, and improving overall efficiency. Combining portable X-Ray and AI algorithms, the system performs real-time and accurate preliminary screening and diagnoses of diseases, such as pneumothorax, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. It can also locate the nasogastric tube, endotracheal tube, and central venous catheter, while misplacement of that is sent to the physicians when detected.
"MeDA OXR Real-time Hazard Recognition System" regards iPad as a mobile medical imaging server that interprets the disease and catheter position. Comparison of original and analyzed images are shown side by side on the iPad for the doctors’ reference. With the system, diagnosis and treatment can be determined rapidly in the emergency department. In terms of telemedicine, the system can be installed in mobile health vehicles or remote medical centers to conduct consultations, diagnoses, and arrange referrals for patients in the first place, thereby enhancing the scope of precision medicine.
"MeDA OXR: Real-time Hazard Recognition System" allows emergency physicians to use a handier and more user-friendly mobile tablet (iPad) to obtain the results of AI interpretation. The value of diagnosis and follow-up treatment based on the results are improved, and the ease of use and application value are also raised. In the future, rapid screening can be carried out in rural or regional hospitals to achieve preliminary levels of care classification and shunting. Moreover, interpreting large amounts of data of monitoring systems at long-term care can improve clinical efficiency.
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Keyword Medical engineering and medical equipment Intelligent Information System
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