Zero Contact Cloud Smart Machine Maintenance Expert System
Summary Our system provides system identification, servo tuning, and feed axis diagnosis for machine tools. Also, executing remote function verification, and data collection are included. All these functions were actually tested verified by the co-operation manufacturer. It help operators or engineers to maintain and adjust the machine so that the feed drive system match. During this critical time of the COVID-19 epidemic, the proposed system provides a zero-touch remote diagnostic function and method for engineers to maintain the machines in the processing plant can effectively reduce costs and time.

The system provides the selections to establish corresponding virtual system, different motors (linear, direct drives, …) and processing platforms. Subsequently, the three-step system identification approach using optimization algorithm is proposed by sine sweep function and frequency response. The physical parameters, motor inertia, mass, viscous friction, screw rigidity, bandwidth are obtained simultaneously. Finally, the virtual model are used to optimize the parameters to have PID parameters and bandwidth after tuning, and provide users with the tuning through the system.

As the cumulative used time increases, maintenance and adjustments are required to guarantee the quality of products. One way is contact vendor for maintenance service. The proposed technologies were tested and verified by the cooperation manufacturer. It can efficiently help users or engineers to perform maintenance by using cloud system. During COVID-19 pandemic, it can provide users with remote access to machine status for quick tuning to reduce cost and downtime, and the cloud system to achieve "zero-touch machine maintenance and pre-diagnosis", which improves production efficiency.
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