Applying AI and big data assists technology development analysis mechanism to support industrial innovation research and development
Summary AI is applied to assist data cleaning and cross-database authority control of names and institutions in the bibliographic materials such as patents, papers and research projects.
The evolution analysis of industrial technology development is based on the AI and bigdata output of technology development in terms of global industries. Next, the focus narrows down to local view, in order to compare each country or institute’s technology development path. By using the technology gap model, the strengths and shortcomings of each country or institute comparing to the global mainstream development can be implied.
Quantitative analytic method enables cross-levels, cross-industries, cross-institutes analysis, using large database to dilute the bias. However, this method may ignore tons of details which should be taken into notice. Since these details could not be captured through previous methods, the team aims to solve the problem by this project - “Applying AI and big data technology development analysis mechanism to support industrial innovation research and development.” The project determines to overcome the previous shortcomings and to propose a cross-domain, cross-database technology development path analysis model.
our team sets up a database including patent output of technology research and development achievement, scientific research paper output, and the science and technology project results of subsidy programs. With the application of AI machine learning model, the research and development performance of countries/ industries/ institutes/ individuals can be evaluated.The above analysis is a reliable reference for enterprises when it comes to monitoring technology development, selecting alternative technology, evaluating partnership and investing low technical risk market.
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