Textile soft printed circuit (SPC) manufacturing technology
Summary The SPC process technology developed by our team has a patented cloth surface treatment and multiple layers of conductive circuit layers (Layout) without etching and transfer printing processes. It can not only be continuously automated production (piece to piece), but also Environmental protection, in line with the green trend of cleaner production.
1. E-textiles
2. Twistable
3. Folded (0-180 degree angle)
4. Cleaning
5. Customized

1. The flexible substrate has no crystallinity and can be twisted, and it will not cause poor conductivity, because it has no breaking point.
2. Electronic components are transferred on a printed flexible substrate with a minimum line pitch of 0.4mm.
3. Combined with the Internet of Things: Wearable devices can be combined with chip devices such as Bluetooth or wireless Internet.

1. Widely used in electronic textiles (E-Textile) and improve its added value, such as LED light-emitting clothing.
2. It can be combined and expanded physiological sensing Internet of Things applications.
Technical Film
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