Summary Artificial Intelligence Automatic Sputum Microscopy System AIASMS:
AIASMS can automatically shoot images from sputum smear samples and identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis(MTB). AIASMS can find the most suitable depth for shooting images and then automatically shoot images under the microscope through auto-focusing. These images will be stored in the cloud database. Meanwhile, AIASMS detect whether the sputum smear contains MTB. AIASMS can accurately label the location of the TB. The sensitivity and specificity can reach 90% and 99% respectively. We also cooperate with three hospitals in the northern, central, and southern regions of Taiwan to conduct blind testing, and the sensitivity can be more than 90%. AIASMS can also distinguish between MTB and Non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM). Finally, n the expansion of technology, we have extended the identification of the acid-resistant staining to the identification of gram staining, so that our system can widely identify a variety of bacteria.

Image focusing method and Auto-focusing microscopic apparatus:
This technology can focus on the slide sample under the microscope, which overcomes the problem of uneven thickness of the sample during the taking images under the microscope. This technology can quickly focus and take images. Applying this technology to the sputum smears, the shooting time of each slide is only 3 minutes, and in the shooting field of the slide, we can take 636 fields per slide. This number of shooting fields is twice the number of observation fields recommended by the WHO.

Auto-loading slide machine:
This equipment can send the slides to the microscope in order under a fully automated setting, and the equipment can flexibly set the number of slides, which can be set to 5 or 50 slides respectively. These apparatus can solve the problem in the process using microscope. It can solve the process of repeatedly replacing the glass slide during the microscope work, so as to realize the fully automatic process when using microscope.

Company Description:
DeepFIND is an AI team from Taiwan. We dedicated to develop computer vision software. In recent years, through cooperation with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and Medical Centers in Taiwan, we have established the world's largest database of tuberculosis sputum images and then developed a system, Artificial Intelligence Automatic Sputum Microscopy System(AIASMS). We have also developed a variety of computer-aided software for 3D computer tomography, 3D ultrasound imaging and X-ray file. Additionally, we have also developed a series of defect detection systems with steel companies in Taiwan. In the future, we wish to push more of our software into clinical and industrial applications.
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