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Summary ECG STEMI AI Model:
In the past, most AI systems gave people the feeling of a black box and couldn't be trusted. The team designed a mechanism that allows doctors to adjust and observe the AI ​​model, so that the AI ​​model can be customized to the functions the doctor wants. We use LINE, the most commonly used communication software for doctors, to design an EKG Line Bot. Medical staff can upload an electrocardiogram to the EKG Line Bot to instantly identify whether the electrocardiogram is Stemi, so as to help doctors determine whether the patient has signs of myocardial infarction. We use this Line Bot to cooperate with doctors and ask them to communicate with the Line Bot. According to the heat map provided by the system, we can check whether it is consistent with the medical concept, and then help us correct the accuracy of our model. The system will train the correct data again.
The STEMI AI Model for ECG were designed and implemented successfully.
It's accuracy is above 95 percent.
We did it.

Company Description:
Deep learning talents and medical professionals gather in alpha pulse.
We focus on the following medical technology and product development-Smart medical, Precision medicine and Medical system.
Our company was established in January 2021. The software products we developed have been used in major hospitals in Taiwan, including AI model interpretation of ECG and 24-hour automatic blood pressure measurement system, smart dialysis system and traditional Chinese medicine medical system. Looking forward to the future, we will develop medical device, combined with AI systems, to deploy smart precision medicine based on the clinical use of hospitals so that the general people can benefit.
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