NTU CSIE Medical Informatics Lab
Summary NTU Medical Genie Precision Health Platform:
The product is mainly composed of wearable devices, IoT environmental sensors, deep learning, personal health app and case management platform. It can collect and monitor user's lifestyle and environment automatically, and predict the possibility of emergency to assist medical staff in making decisions. In addition, we opened source the project to solve most clinical studies that require lots of time to build data collection tools and processes.
Advantages of NTU Medical Genie
1. Continuous real-time monitoring of lifestyle and environment.
2. Compatible with multiple wearable devices (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple).
3. AECOPD and Panic module to predict early exacerbations of COPD and Panic using lifestyle factors and medical records. 93.5% on accuracy for the task of predicting whether a patient will suffer an acute exacerbation and panic attack within the next seven days.
4. Remind medical providers of immediate care and reduce the possibility of declines in health status.

Company Description:
Our project aims to construct an AI clinical decision support system for precision medicine based on AI technologies at the National Taiwan University Hospital healthcare system. We have integrated entire electronic medical records at the NTUH, including medical diagnosis, medication, medical procedures, laboratory data, medical images, nursing records, WGS, NGS data and so on. Besides, we have collected the lifestyle and environment data from 10,000 patients for data enrichment. We devoted to developing a clinical decision support system based on several high-level AI technologies for genetic diseases, chronic disease, and inherited retinal degenerations.
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