AAAI Technologies, Inc.
Summary AI Deep Compression Toolchain:
To enhance the computing power and lower the power consumption of edge devices, this toolchain delivers a 120x AI model compression ratio from original floating-point inference models, compress into fixed-point and bit-accurate edge models with a smaller than 1% accuracy loss. We also provide an open-source image bank and fully automatic labeling tool, available for free application and use at

NPU Silicon IP:
To maximize the AI model compression ratio and further lower the power consumption, integrated with our AI deep compression toolchain these NPUs can lower the power consumption by 70x and yields 1.6 TOPS/W in the first generation NPU, the H-NPU. The second generation LP-NPU yields 3 TOPS/W and the third generation HP-NPU yields >4 TOPS/W (single-core). HP-NPU is multi-core and can be used in data center as well, the computing power is 3.6 TOP/sec with dual-core, 7.2 TOP/sec with quad-core, and can be further multiplied.

Company Description:
AAAI Technologies is a technology-leading edge NPU Silicon IP house that offers comprehensive software and hardware edge AI solutions. We provide a 120x model deep compression toolchain from fully automatic image and video labeling, lightweight visual AI models, to the world's first bit-accurate compression tool with less than 1% inference accuracy loss. Furthermore, combined with our proprietary NPU Silicon IP (SIP), one can build 70x lower power and high-performance edge AI SoCs. AAAI NPU SIP enables our customers and customers of our customers to develop powerful automotive AI and AIoT products quickly and easily.
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