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      ALOVAS Platform: ALOVAS acts as an A.I. Pathology Platform which provides high resolution pathology image viewer. Even Giga-pixel-level original images can be viewed online in real time. ALOVAS platform can be used not only on computer, but also on iPad. Users can upload images on the platform and select AI models for automated detection, and browse the detection results on the platform. ALOVAS also provides commonly used annotation tools, including hand-drawing, dots, rectangles, etc., which can be used to mark areas of interest. Embedded with the ALOVAS platform also provided several detection algorithms. We hope ALOVAS can assist physicians in rapid diagnosis, in related pathological research, and reduce the workload of pathologists in the future.
    • EditCell Virology Platform

      EditCell Virology Platform

      1. Identification of host factor, which is required for virus replication, by “EditCell Virology Platform”.2. The host factor will be as a target to develop antivirals.3. The antiviral effects of the candidates can be validated in vitroin vivo.4. Two FDA-approved drugs are repurposed for COVID-19 treatment.
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