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    •  AIoT Aquaculture Technology Co., Ltd.

      AIoT Aquaculture Technology Co., Ltd.

      Artificial Intelligence Techniques Aquaculture Management System: The system uses the omni-IoT system to collect big data, provides AI algorithm for each module, included AI ​​feeding module, fish body length weight measurement module, smart submersible cage module, and provides better fish growth control , to reduce residual bait, to improve survival rate of fish, to save manpower, to reduce the threshold, cost and risk of smart cage culture operation. The AIoT system of our team is mainly self-made, which greatly saves costs and is modularized. Aquaculturist can choose modules to use allow young fishermen to profit easily even if they do not have a lot of farming experience.
    • NTU CSIE Medical Informatics Lab

      NTU CSIE Medical Informatics Lab

      NTU Medical Genie Precision Health Platform: The product is mainly composed of wearable devices, IoT environmental sensors, deep learning, personal health app and case management platform. It can collect and monitor user's lifestyle and environment automatically, and predict the possibility of emergency to assist medical staff in making decisions. In addition, we opened source the project to solve most clinical studies that require lots of time to build data collection tools and processes.
    • Unmanned 3D Intelligent Marine Farm

      Unmanned 3D Intelligent Marine Farm

      This research team develops unmanned 3D intelligent marine aquaculture technology, using omni AIoT aquaculture technology, especially strengthening the integration of gyroplane, ROV, unmanned ship and central control room, and using long-distance intelligent control to make employees shift from traditional field work to base and central control room. Due to the huge cross domain system of omni AIoT, it modularizes it, At the same time, edge computing technology is developed to facilitate commercial promotion.
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