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    • AI deep compression toolchain and Hybrid-fixed point CNN accelerator

      AI deep compression toolchain and Hybrid-fixed point CNN accelerator

      Assisted by in-house AI deep compression toolchain (ezLabel, ezModel, ezQUANT, ezHybrid-M), the proposed technology supports automatic AI model design and optimization with the integrated performance of 120x model size reduction and 70x power reduction in 2D CNN model, and develops a world-first 1/2/4/8-bit CNN model realized by the developed high efficiency Hybrid fixed point CNN NPU (Hybrid-NPU), which has been verified in Xilinx ZCU102 FPGA and achieves the performance up to 2.5 TOPS(8-b)/ 20TOPS(1-b)@28nm technology running at 550MHz and 4TOPS/W energy efficiency.
    • AAAI Technologies, Inc.

      AAAI Technologies, Inc.

      AI Deep Compression Toolchain: To enhance the computing power and lower the power consumption of edge devices, this toolchain delivers a 120x AI model compression ratio from original floating-point inference models, compress into fixed-point and bit-accurate edge models with a smaller than 1% accuracy loss. We also provide an open-source image bank and fully automatic labeling tool, available for free application and use at https://www.aicreda.com/.
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