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    • Ckip Lab

      Ckip Lab

      Textual Advertisement Generator: Given any limited specifics of any product, AI Advertisement Producer can automatically generate tons of top-quality descriptions and advertisements for the product in just one second. And not just one copy is produced. With deep learning and natural language processing technologies learned from millions of existing samples, our AI model can produce various styles of advertisements at the same time for users to select. It will be a big helper or a virtual brainstorming partner for any brands or advertisers to create their advertisements.
    • Precision Cancer Medicine Advisor - Brain Metastases (PCA-BM)

      Precision Cancer Medicine Advisor - Brain Metastases (PCA-BM)

      PCA-BM includes two models: “Automatic BMs Segmentation AI Model” and " Distant Brain Failure Prediction Model". The former one uses C2FNAS (coarse to fine network architecture search) to detect the location, size, and the number of brain metastases. The latter uses radiomics to extract numerous radiographic features and employs machine learning methods such as XGBoost to establish a prognostic model of brain metastases. PCA-BM provides more precision treatment decisions for patients and improves personalized and accurate overall stereotactic radiosurgery planning.
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