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    • Computer Vision Research Center, National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung university

      Computer Vision Research Center, National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung university

      Development of AI Platform for Smart Drone - Intelligent Flight: Due to its high mobility and the ability to fly in the sky, the drone has inspired more and more innovative applications/services in recent years. The goal of this project is to resolve the problem of blindly flying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, which a drone in our case) when it is out of human sight or the range of wireless communication, and three major research and development directions will be considered in this project. Three artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, namely, smart sensing, smart control, and smart simulation, are applied in this project. Smart sensing - a flight system is developed, which can avoid the obstacles, complete a flight mission, and land safely. Smart control - an intelligence flight control system and a light-weighted somatosensory vest are developed. Smart simulation - a cost-effective training system and a 3D model simplification method are designed.
    • Precision Cancer Medicine Advisor - Brain Metastases (PCA-BM)

      Precision Cancer Medicine Advisor - Brain Metastases (PCA-BM)

      PCA-BM includes two models: “Automatic BMs Segmentation AI Model” and " Distant Brain Failure Prediction Model". The former one uses C2FNAS (coarse to fine network architecture search) to detect the location, size, and the number of brain metastases. The latter uses radiomics to extract numerous radiographic features and employs machine learning methods such as XGBoost to establish a prognostic model of brain metastases. PCA-BM provides more precision treatment decisions for patients and improves personalized and accurate overall stereotactic radiosurgery planning.
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