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    • Chung Yuan Christian University, R&D Center of Smart Manufacturing

      Chung Yuan Christian University, R&D Center of Smart Manufacturing

      Web interface of CPS platform: Although many factories have introduced MES and scheduling systems, they have not been integrated with the CPS architecture. The transmission of information is not transparent and automated, and it is difficult to ensure the relevance and continuity of the information, which affects the control of the entire production process and the on-site real-time information. Our integrated CPS structure enables the project to obtain the best dispatch of the machine and the shortest delivery time. We also use DDS to receives real-time on-site information and presents it as a platform, which enables control the real-time on-site situation. We constructed an advanced plastic mold & molding service platform, combining CPS and cloud architecture, based on the production life cycle, integrating heterogeneous equipment and systems, and it achieves the goals of real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process, rapid iteration and dynamic optimization.
    • EditCell Virology Platform

      EditCell Virology Platform

      1. Identification of host factor, which is required for virus replication, by “EditCell Virology Platform”.2. The host factor will be as a target to develop antivirals.3. The antiviral effects of the candidates can be validated in vitroin vivo.4. Two FDA-approved drugs are repurposed for COVID-19 treatment.
    • Out of the Lab, a Scientist Dig out the Merit of AI.

      Out of the Lab, a Scientist Dig out the Merit of AI.

      Quote:br / “It is worth giving up some things because of dream pursuing” Professor SHOU-DE, LIN  at the department of computer scienceInformation Engineering in National Taiwan University, Chief Machine Learning Scientist in Appier, said “An escape from comfort zone to seek new challenges makes my life become more colorful.”br /  br / Content:br /  br / Given qualified for being as the freshman of National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Professor Lin chose the department of electrical engineering in NTU as the first priority in Joint College Entrance Examination (JCEE). Though the undergraduate education  did not cultivate him the passion on the field of electrical engineering, Professor Lin said, however, he was still recommended for further study at the graduate institute of electronics engineering in NTU due to his talentsoutstanding academic performance.
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