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    • Mitochondrial Analytic Platform and Nucleotide Applications

      Mitochondrial Analytic Platform and Nucleotide Applications

      Summary Description: 1. Stress alters mitochondrial import of proteins. To monitor changes in mitochondrial import at single-mitochondrial resolution, split GFP epitopes are fused to the target proteins and mitochondrial membranes or expressed in the mitochondrial matrix. 2. General genotoxic agents damage both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. By expressing mitochondrial DNA binding protein TFAM fused with KillerRed, specific mitochondrial DNA damages by light exposure are induced for investigating mitochondrial DNA damage signal. 3. Quantification of four dNTP pools is important for understanding drug action. The popularity of the analysis has been limited by the requirement of radio-isotope or sophisticated instrumentation. The method of click reaction we designed for measuring dNTPs overcomes the drawbacks of conventional methods. 4. The outbreak of drug-resistant Candida infection in hospital is of concern. We found the distinct biochemical property of Candida TMPK in high affinity to uridylate as the substrate, leading to the discovery of 5FUd (<5 nM) in suppressing Candida growth.
    • NTU CSIE Medical Informatics Lab

      NTU CSIE Medical Informatics Lab

      NTU Medical Genie Precision Health Platform: The product is mainly composed of wearable devices, IoT environmental sensors, deep learning, personal health app and case management platform. It can collect and monitor user's lifestyle and environment automatically, and predict the possibility of emergency to assist medical staff in making decisions. In addition, we opened source the project to solve most clinical studies that require lots of time to build data collection tools and processes.
    • Ultrahigh Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries based on Sustainable Electrodes

      Ultrahigh Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries based on Sustainable Electrodes

      A small organic molecule with multiple redox-active sites shows promise in the development of next-generation electric energy storage systems, especially for electric cars, green energy, and large-scale energy storage, when used as an active materials in a cathode in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Herein, an organic LIB with cathode material based on hexaazatriphenylene embedded quinone exhibits high capacity, high rate capability, and high cycling stability, which are far superior to that of commercial LIBs.
    • DeepFIND


      Artificial Intelligence Automatic Sputum Microscopy System AIASMS: AIASMS can automatically shoot images from sputum smear samples and identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis(MTB). AIASMS can find the most suitable depth for shooting images and then automatically shoot images under the microscope through auto-focusing. These images will be stored in the cloud database. Meanwhile, AIASMS detect whether the sputum smear contains MTB. AIASMS can accurately label the location of the TB. The sensitivity and specificity can reach 90% and 99% respectively. We also cooperate with three hospitals in the northern, central, and southern regions of Taiwan to conduct blind testing, and the sensitivity can be more than 90%. AIASMS can also distinguish between MTB and Non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM). Finally, n the expansion of technology, we have extended the identification of the acid-resistant staining to the identification of gram staining, so that our system can widely identify a variety of bacteria.
    • alpha pulse

      alpha pulse

      ECG STEMI AI Model: In the past, most AI systems gave people the feeling of a black box and couldn't be trusted. The team designed a mechanism that allows doctors to adjust and observe the AI ​​model, so that the AI ​​model can be customized to the functions the doctor wants. We use LINE, the most commonly used communication software for doctors, to design an EKG Line Bot. Medical staff can upload an electrocardiogram to the EKG Line Bot to instantly identify whether the electrocardiogram is Stemi, so as to help doctors determine whether the patient has signs of myocardial infarction. We use this Line Bot to cooperate with doctors and ask them to communicate with the Line Bot. According to the heat map provided by the system, we can check whether it is consistent with the medical concept, and then help us correct the accuracy of our model. The system will train the correct data again.
    • Computer Vision Research Center, National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung university

      Computer Vision Research Center, National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung university

      Development of AI Platform for Smart Drone - Intelligent Flight: Due to its high mobility and the ability to fly in the sky, the drone has inspired more and more innovative applications/services in recent years. The goal of this project is to resolve the problem of blindly flying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, which a drone in our case) when it is out of human sight or the range of wireless communication, and three major research and development directions will be considered in this project. Three artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, namely, smart sensing, smart control, and smart simulation, are applied in this project. Smart sensing - a flight system is developed, which can avoid the obstacles, complete a flight mission, and land safely. Smart control - an intelligence flight control system and a light-weighted somatosensory vest are developed. Smart simulation - a cost-effective training system and a 3D model simplification method are designed.
    • Ckip Lab

      Ckip Lab

      Textual Advertisement Generator: Given any limited specifics of any product, AI Advertisement Producer can automatically generate tons of top-quality descriptions and advertisements for the product in just one second. And not just one copy is produced. With deep learning and natural language processing technologies learned from millions of existing samples, our AI model can produce various styles of advertisements at the same time for users to select. It will be a big helper or a virtual brainstorming partner for any brands or advertisers to create their advertisements.
    • A comprehensive evaluation of self-supervised speech models - SUPERB

      A comprehensive evaluation of self-supervised speech models - SUPERB

      Machines need annotations to learn, but human babies learn human languages with almost no annotations. Can machines do the same thing? To allow machines to learn human languages with only observations like human babies, a research team at Taiwan has partnered with the speech research groups in Meta, CMU, MIT, and JHU to develop a brand new self-supervised speech processing evaluation framework, Speech Processing Universal PERformance Benchmark (SUPERB).
    • AAAI Technologies, Inc.

      AAAI Technologies, Inc.

      AI Deep Compression Toolchain: To enhance the computing power and lower the power consumption of edge devices, this toolchain delivers a 120x AI model compression ratio from original floating-point inference models, compress into fixed-point and bit-accurate edge models with a smaller than 1% accuracy loss. We also provide an open-source image bank and fully automatic labeling tool, available for free application and use at https://www.aicreda.com/.
    •  AIoT Aquaculture Technology Co., Ltd.

      AIoT Aquaculture Technology Co., Ltd.

      Artificial Intelligence Techniques Aquaculture Management System: The system uses the omni-IoT system to collect big data, provides AI algorithm for each module, included AI ​​feeding module, fish body length weight measurement module, smart submersible cage module, and provides better fish growth control , to reduce residual bait, to improve survival rate of fish, to save manpower, to reduce the threshold, cost and risk of smart cage culture operation. The AIoT system of our team is mainly self-made, which greatly saves costs and is modularized. Aquaculturist can choose modules to use allow young fishermen to profit easily even if they do not have a lot of farming experience.